Everyone seems to be enjoying the snowy weather we’ve had.



The sheep and dogs seem to do better in the cold than in the heat, which especially make sense with our Icelandic sheep.


Tori walking back to the house from feeding and watering her horse.


Kletta, Tori’s Icelandic Sheepdog really enjoys the snow.




Part of the flock…


Despite having a nice warm, straw lined barn to snuggle in, Dugur prefers to hang out with the sheep.


Snow kisses anyone?


Audrad and Aubrey bedded down in the snow…


Gunnar, our other Icelandic Sheepdog hanging out in the snow…


White on white…




Same thing with Thor, he found out in the pasture rather than in the straw filled sheds he shares with the rams.

P1090403 P1090422

Whatcha looking for Kletta?

Whatcha looking for Kletta?

We are suppose to be getting more snow later on this week!  We shall see.

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Weekly Top Shot #113

5 comments on “Falling…

  1. kiwiskan says:

    They certainly all look happy….

  2. Margaret says:

    HI How wonderfulto ssee the sheep and dogs in the snow. They certainly all look releaxed adn comforatable. I love the shot of Thor best.

  3. kzemek says:

    I enjoyed seeing your snowy animals! Our dog loves the snow too!

  4. WOW, can you spell ‘winter?’ Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on the Weekly Top Shot, #113!

  5. Pat says:

    Fantastic snowy shots!

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