Snow Day..


It warmed up this week and snowed….


P1090333 P1090366 P1090376 P1090427

I would much rather deal with the snow than the bitter cold.


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6 comments on “Snow Day..

  1. Pat says:

    Such beautiful images! I know your Great Pyrenees loves the snow.

  2. margaret says:

    Hi. it does look lovely and the sheep have good warm coats on.

  3. Judy simmons says:

    I’m in muddy Mississippi. Your photos are lovely and enjoyed muchly.

  4. Ileana says:

    Looks so cold there!:)

  5. dianaed2013 says:

    Your images always interesting – glad there’s no snow here

  6. Teresa says:

    Great snowy shots! I’m torn between cold and snow. Depends on how much snow there is I guess.

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