Fairy Flowers…


I have no idea what flowers these little, petite things are but they were gorgeous this summer, covering the forest floor…

A21 IMG_9315 IMG_9318 IMG_93161 P7139398 IMG_9320


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12 comments on “Fairy Flowers…

  1. Gunilla says:

    They’re so cute! We have them here too. It’s called twin flower in English (Linnaea borealis).

  2. So delicate and so very pretty. It must have been a wonderful sight to see so many scattered round the forest.

  3. Sonnja says:

    Nice photos!
    Monday greetings from Holland , RW & SK

  4. Ulla Laiho says:

    Yes, it is “linnea” in Swedish like Gunilla in Finland says. We have them in Sweden too. The name is from Carl von Linné, who was a Swedish botanist. Lovely pictures!

  5. Anne Payne says:

    I like the name ‘Fairy’ flower 🙂 They are sweet looking 🙂

  6. taphian says:

    beautiful photos and lovely flowers

  7. Pat says:

    How lovely. I love woodland wildflowers.

  8. Kerri says:

    They do look like little fairy dancers 🙂 Beautiful!

  9. So delicate and beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-) If you haven’t already, I do hope you’ll send me something for the gratitude quilt this year. The quilt is growing so it is getting harder to keep track as I am using first names only for the quilt. No actual quilting involved… just words of gratitude from your heart, in your native language is fine.

  10. Teresa says:

    They are such pretty little flowers!

  11. Christian says:

    Great macro photos and a nice scenery.

  12. Mitch says:

    Hi Erin!! Lovely shots of these delicate little flowers 🙂

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