Common Merganser…

We spotted this guy cruising close to the shore on Lake McDonald while enjoying the wonderful fall day this past weekend…


P1070990 P1070992 P1080019 P1080006 P1080013 P1080010 P1080001


For more information on Common Mergansers please visit my post, here…

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11 comments on “Common Merganser…

  1. theconstantwalker says:

    Lovely birds to see…

  2. Dave says:

    Lovely species, ours are just returning here to the UK

  3. Beautiful series with lovely reflections.

  4. Kerri says:

    Oh how pretty!!

  5. Mick says:

    Great photos of the Merganser on the lake.

  6. Isn’t he just so handsome … but alone. Where are his migrating friends and why is he still so far north. Our cold weather is coming early this year and the Loons are caught on our lake for the moment. There are no up drafts for them to ride out of here. Hope they all make it to warmer climates soon.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  7. Pat says:

    Beautiful series.

  8. A great sighting, and beautiful shots on the water!

  9. Love, love, LOVE these special images!!! So pretty, and the ‘diving’ action one is super!

  10. Teresa says:

    How lucky to spot him. Great capture!

  11. Wally says:

    Great series of images! I envy you your autumn foliage! We don’t get much of that here in central Florida.

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