A Little Drive….

Sunday we took a little drive to pick up some lambs.  It was a perfect fall day!  The colors were vivid and bright. (Which made me want to stop at every corner and take pictures! We were on mission though with time restraints, so we just drove!)  On the way home though, the sun was starting to set on the lake and my husband made several stops so I could snap some pictures.  Love that guy!  One of the stops held an extra special bonus!  I jumped out of the pickup and walked down a little trail to get to the shore and I could hear water running so I went a bit further up the shore to find this beautiful sight!  The end of a little stream pouring into Flathead lake and some wonderful fall colors…

P1070440 P1070443-001

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7 comments on “A Little Drive….

  1. kiwiskan says:

    that stream was a great bonus.

  2. artmusedog says:

    Beautiful photos of nature in autumn ~ great hubby ~ happy day ~ carol ^_^

  3. I’ll say, you DID hit the scenic jackpot… love Flathead Lake, there was a time in my 20s that I wanted to move to Kalispell…my uncle asked me if I had a good job here in Seattle, I said yes, he said stay there, you can’t eat scenery… but sometimes I wish I had anyway. Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on Rurality Blog Hop #35!

  4. dianaed2013 says:

    Just love getting a taste of your environment – what a patient husband!

  5. Kim,USA says:

    It is a great joy to find places that is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you for joining Water World Wednesday

  6. […] sunset pictures from our Little Drive this past […]

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