Moving sheep to new pasture…


Don’tcha love my birthday gift?  A new fence in a new pasture…

P1020600 P1020603 BeFunky_Instant_2.jpg BeFunky_null_4.jpg BeFunky_null_7.jpg BeFunky_P1020622.jpg BeFunky_P1020630.jpg BeFunky_P1020663.jpg BeFunky_P1020664.jpg BeFunky_P1020695.jpg BeFunky_VintageColors_8.jpg P1020616 P1020617 P1020704


7 comments on “Moving sheep to new pasture…

  1. Margaret says:

    HI I amsure that is quite a job but it all looks like fun as well. Have a great weekend.

  2. Robin Kerlin says:

    I can totally relate to the joy that would give you for your birthday!

  3. kiwiskan says:

    Lovely shots, and just the best gift! Wish I could visit…but thanks for the pictures.

  4. Pat says:

    Such a beautiful farm!

  5. A great Happy Birthday gift…

  6. dianaed2013 says:

    You have made this so interesting – how do you get the time to photograph

  7. Anne Payne says:

    It looks like a lot of work but I see joy on the faces of the sheepherders 🙂

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