Cold, dreary day…

Near Two Dogs Flats, in Glacier Park…

IMG_0855 IMG_0851 IMG_0821

Off in the distance though, we spotted a fairly large herd of elk!



We often pass this spot in the park and often say aloud that this looks like a wonderful place to spot some elk.  So imagine our surprise when…whoa!… this time here they are!IMG_0831

We didn’t see any bulls, just a bunch of cows and calves.  Still awfully exciting though!IMG_0839

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Nature Notes


BeFunky_IMG_3156.jpg BeFunky_IMG_3160.jpg

A shorebird you can see without going to the beach, Killdeer are graceful plovers common to lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and parking lots. These tawny birds run across the ground in spurts, stopping with a jolt every so often to check their progress, or to see if they’ve startled up any insect prey. Their voice, a far-carrying, excited kill-deer, is a common sound even after dark, often given in flight as the bird circles overhead on slender wings.

  • Size & Shape

    Killdeer have the characteristic large, round head, large eye, and short bill of all plovers. They are especially slender and lanky, with a long, pointed tail and long wings.

  • Color Pattern

    Brownish-tan on top and white below. The white chest is barred with two black bands, and the brown face is marked with black and white patches. The bright orange-buff rump is conspicuous in flight.

  • Behavior

    Killdeer spend their time walking along the ground or running ahead a few steps, stopping to look around, and running on again. When disturbed they break into flight and circle overhead, calling repeatedly. Their flight is rapid, with stiff, intermittent wingbeats.

  • Habitat

    Look for Killdeer on open ground with low vegetation (or no vegetation at all), including lawns, golf courses, driveways, parking lots, and gravel-covered roofs, as well as pastures, fields, sandbars and mudflats. This species is one of the least water-associated of all shorebirds.

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BeFunky_IMG_3163.jpg BeFunky_IMG_3165.jpg

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Mutton Bustin’…


Teigen had an awesome rodeo experience  this past Thursday!  He was chosen to see how long he could ride on a sheep!

Here he is before, checking out the sheep…




The sheep making their way up to the chutes…BeFunky_IMG_2950.jpg

Getting his helmet and vest on…


Him and his daddy laughing about something…




Teigen and his lucky sheep…


He’s off…well not really, just out of the chute…


BeFunky_P8150853.jpg BeFunky_P8150854.jpg BeFunky_P8150855.jpg

13.6 seconds!


Giving the rodeo clown a high-five!



All smiles as he runs to dad!

He ended up placing 2nd that night out of 11 kids!BeFunky_IMG_2943.jpg BeFunky_photo (26).jpg BeFunky_1010549_196764840492504_713570742_n.jpg

Showing off his new buckle and bandanna!!

Good riding buddy!

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The Chicken Chick

Fair winnings…



Our little Braaten bunch did pretty good at the fair yesterday….







Tori received Reserve Champion Showman in the Senior division and placed 4th out of about 35 lambs and received a purple top 10 ribbon in the market class!




Garrett also received Reserve Champion Showman in the Junior division and placed 5th in Market and received a purple ribbon.





Maddie placed 4th in the Junior division for Showmanship and her lamb placed 10th in Market getting her a purple ribbon!




Hayden received Grand Champion Showman in the Junior Novice division which had two huge classes of lambs!  He did sooo well his first year showing.  His lamb was one short for making the cut to final round in market.


Teigen even showed in the Peewee division where all the participants wins a ribbon!



Our fiber and breedstock projects did an excellent job as well!  Dodge ram won overall Grand champion in the breedstock division and Blossom’s ewe lamb won Reserve Champion.  Our lambs received the majority of the rest of the ribbons too!  Edge ram won Overall Grand  Champion over all other fiber animals and in his own division.  Feebee won Grand Champion in the ewe division for fiber and we received the majority of the rest of the ribbons awarded!


Wonderful Day!!

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Summer Sheep…

The sheep have been doing marvelous this summer despite the hotter than usual temperatures that have been here this summer.  In their home land, Icelandic sheep typically deal with a summer time average temperature of 78 degrees, we have been having mid 90’s.  I’m thankful that we don’t have a lot of humidity too!  We have been supplementing lots of extra B vitamins in their water tanks everyday along with extra cobalt, selenium and copper.  (Don’t worry, Icelandics need a lot more copper than most traditional sheep to stay healthy.)


Lambs have been growing quick and have a wonderful fleece on them already!

BeFunky_IMG_2082.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2084.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2097.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2109.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2118.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2130.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2157.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2165.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2172.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2188.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2217.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2249.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2262.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2273.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2317.jpg

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20 years ago…

I married my best friend…

What a wild ride it’s been and I couldn’t imagine it any other way!

This year we spent a wonderful 3-day weekend in Glacier Park, before our special day since my husband would be gone on business.

Here are some random photos…

IMG_1868 BeFunky_P8020402.jpg BeFunky_P8040618.jpg

Trick Falls or Running Eagles Falls …



Wonderful dinner at Glacier Park Lodge…


A nice hike to Apikuni Falls…BeFunky_IMG_1488.jpg


Rainy, cool temps when we arrived at Swiftcurrent Lodge…


We did get blue sky on our last day though…BeFunky_IMG_1523.jpg


Enjoying the scenery…


Our view at breakfast (above)…1005790_192859357549719_735592685_n

Glad to have raincoats…BeFunky_P8020406.jpg BeFunky_P8020408.jpg BeFunky_null_2.jpg IMG_1210 PicMonkey Collage

I am so thankful for you, LYFE.

And for them…

IMG_0772 P7280308IMG_0786

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