Cold, dreary day…

Near Two Dogs Flats, in Glacier Park…

IMG_0855 IMG_0851 IMG_0821

Off in the distance though, we spotted a fairly large herd of elk!



We often pass this spot in the park and often say aloud that this looks like a wonderful place to spot some elk.  So imagine our surprise when…whoa!… this time here they are!IMG_0831

We didn’t see any bulls, just a bunch of cows and calves.  Still awfully exciting though!IMG_0839

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4 comments on “Cold, dreary day…

  1. make cold and dreary look beautiful….of course the area you live in doesn’t have a bad photography day…Michelle

  2. what an absolutely spectacular place. How lucky you are to live so close. Your pictures are so beautiful.

  3. TheChieftess says:

    What fun!!! Great shots!!! When I was in Colorado I went to the Rocky Mountain National Park…and saw herds like this…I even was able to get a big bull elk…close up!!!

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