Nature’s Bounty

The berries are out in full force, these are just some of the fruits we spotted on our last hike…

BeFunky_IMG_1504.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1506.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1509.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1513.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1516.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1518.jpg


Plus wild onions!


And some interesting leaves…

BeFunky_IMG_1510.jpg BeFunky_IMG_9236.jpg


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9 comments on “Nature’s Bounty

  1. artmusedog says:

    Oh ! Wow! Magnificent macro berry shot ~ thanks, carol, xo

  2. Pat says:

    Beauty of nature!

  3. Molly says:

    Wow, these really have a hint of autumn to them


  4. Gunilla says:

    Beautiful shots! The berries are so pretty.

  5. mscarletti says:

    Great captures! Love the color!

  6. liss s says:

    Love those berries! Nice photos 😉

  7. kim says:

    Seems like autumn is close at hand!

  8. Gorgeous macros Erin — looks like Autumn is just around the corner…

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