Summer Sheep…

The sheep have been doing marvelous this summer despite the hotter than usual temperatures that have been here this summer.  In their home land, Icelandic sheep typically deal with a summer time average temperature of 78 degrees, we have been having mid 90’s.  I’m thankful that we don’t have a lot of humidity too!  We have been supplementing lots of extra B vitamins in their water tanks everyday along with extra cobalt, selenium and copper.  (Don’t worry, Icelandics need a lot more copper than most traditional sheep to stay healthy.)


Lambs have been growing quick and have a wonderful fleece on them already!

BeFunky_IMG_2082.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2084.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2097.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2109.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2118.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2130.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2157.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2165.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2172.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2188.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2217.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2249.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2262.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2273.jpg BeFunky_IMG_2317.jpg

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3 comments on “Summer Sheep…

  1. Margaret says:

    Hi You have quite a few species of lovely sheep there.

  2. Pat says:

    What beautiful animals!

  3. Wonderful shots of these beautiful animals.

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