Waterton Bull Moose…

On our recent trip to Waterton, Alberta we were lucky enough to spot this guy two separate times…

P7129154 IMG_9129 IMG_9140 P7129146 IMG_9138 P7129162 P7129167 IMG_9132


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This little mama Robin has patiently been sitting on her nest.  The best thing is that she built it in the crabapple tree outside the office window!


Finally all her hard work has paid off!

IMG_9011 IMG_9021

Two little peeps that keep her hopping!

IMG_9035 IMG_9036 IMG_9040 IMG_9046


It’s been very neat watching her snatch up bees, moths, butterflies and other unfortunate insects that happen by her.  She is lightening fast as she grabs them and feeds them to her peeps.

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