Water Off a Duck’s Feather…






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9 comments on “Water Off a Duck’s Feather…

  1. Gunilla says:

    Awesome shots!

  2. What a lovely collection of pictures again?
    Thank you for sharing.
    What do you do them all?

  3. Jama says:

    Lovely shots.

  4. It’s nice to view the details of the feather close up and how the water sits on top.

  5. genie says:

    These macro shots are all awesome. All the detail and the water droplets….super. Kudos to you on some wonderful photography. genie

  6. Such artistry in a feather! And how beautifully you’ve captured that!

  7. Ryan Hermann says:

    haha love his hair!

  8. Susan says:

    Great shots

  9. TheChieftess says:

    Cool macros!!! I like the color tone…but honestly…my favorite is that last shot of the duck with the cute little hairdo!!!

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