Echo and Ewecalyptus; twin, moorit, grey, horned, one winter ewe lambs, decided they could both eat out of the same spot in the feeder….




It’s not unusual to have a couple mashed together in one spot and all appeared well so I continued with morning chores.  About 45 minutes later ended up running back up to the barn with boys to help them feed the ewes and lambs in jugs.  I noticed these two still in the same spot…yep stuck!   Thankfully they didn’t seem to upset about the whole thing.  Sawyer had to help me unlatch the panels and play untangle the sheep for a few minutes.    Once freed they took off bucking and kicking, excited to be loose.

We’ve been using these round bale feeders for a couple of months and seem to work great, especially for polled sheep and have only had a few minor altercations with the horned ewes.  They keep the sheep off the bale so they aren’t  pooing and peeing on top of the hay.  The feeders extend the life of the bale (for us) from 3 days to 5 without any loss in body condition in the ewes.  They really do help from wasting hay.  We ended up with lots of round bales this year so trying to figure out how to use them efficiently and safely has been quite the challenge.  We only have two of these feeders which are in the ewes pen.    We put a round bale in with the rams and they ate a whole through the bale which then collapsed on top of them killing one.  Urgh!   So now we put the bale on the ground and take the wrap off if it and then push it over on its side.  So far so good.  What a juggling act trying to find that balance.

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