Shearing Day…

Wow!! What a day!  We had a five man and one woman crew hit the farm this afternoon with the single mission of shearing.  They did an outstanding job and had all 110 sheep nekid within an hour.  We weren’t able to get a shearer in this fall so it was a great relief to have it done today, about a month or so before lambing will start.  Here are some pictures of this afternoon, mostly taken by my 11 year-old, Garrett!


Here comes the snow…


The older kids moving the sheep up the shoots to the shearing plant…


Mark pushing them from behind


Hayden and I moving them in…


Waiting their turns…


The gate keeper…

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Shearing happened  a bit earlier than what I had hoped to have them shorn but the crew was coming through our area.  We missed fall shearing and rather than miss spring shearing and then really worry about them overheating this summer we went ahead and had it done.  The sheep might get a bit cool, but we have lots of places for them to get out of the cold and stay toasty.  We also have put down a couple of extra-large round straw bales out for them to nestle into.  Luckily the weather forecast is supposed to keep warming up and be in the mid 40′s with lows in the mid 30′s.  Thankfully no rain is in the forecast.


Calypso looks just thrilled…


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