Ocean Sunrise

On our recent trip through Oregon, we had been following the coast the whole day and at the end of the day we reached Bandon.  I managed to get a room at little motel that was supposed to be close to the ocean.  When we arrived it pitch black and the outside of the building looked a bit scary but we took our chances and picked up our key, yes a real key to our room and were very pleasantly surprised to see the inside of our room had been recently remodeled, was very clean and comfy!

We still had a very long ways to go on our trip, so we awoke early and were about ready to leave when I peaked out our window…


We decided that we should stretch our legs and enjoy a quick, brisk walk before getting left.


And then the sun started to rise…


(The color in these have not been altered!)


Every minute that passed was more spectacular than the one before…




More and more intense…



Then these gulls decided to make an entrance…


Our quick walk ended up taking over an hour!


This was one the most memorable parts to our trip.

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Wild Bird Wednesday



With the warmer weather the chickens have been a bit more adventurous and have been checking everything out…


One of our Icelandic roosters.


A couple of the girls hanging out…


On another note we have gotten rid of the majority of our 14 roosters!  We were down to 5 and then the Blue Americana rooster we had decided to keep attacked our oldest son while out he was out feeding sheep.  He flew up and landed in the hood of his sweatshirt and started pecking at him.  Needless to say we are down to 4 boys now and one of them will be going to my parents place soon.  That will leave us at a much more manageable 3 Roos for our 20 hens.

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