While in South Dakota, we were blessed to watch the sun go down over the Badlands.  It was simply amazingly beautiful and delightful.

I just love how the colors change from moment to moment and seemed to be better and better!





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And something else that is noteworthy, yesterday a ewe and myself butted heads, literally.  We were trying to move her out of the AI pen to her new abode and tried grabbing for her right when she tried jumping around me.  The result was spending most of yesterday at the doctors office and then over to the hospital for a CT scan,and then back to the doctors.  My CT scan came back normal, but I flunked the testing they did to right side of my body, including vision in my right eye, numbness and tingling on the right side of my face and couldn’t taste the Sweet Tarts they gave me.  Thankfully there were no fractures to my jaw either.  When the ewe jumped, she hit me under my chin and toward the right resulting in a sore jaw that won’t open very far.

Today my headache is feeling much better and my jaw is feeling better.  I feel a bit more dizzy and foggy headed though.  I had a follow-up at the doctor’s office and she really thinks I have a concussion.   She thinks things will slowly get better over the next couple of weeks.  She also has grounded me from the sheep pen for a while as she doesn’t want me to re-injure my head.  Hmm, should be interesting!

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