Hayden’s Happy Birthday

Hayden’s Happy Birthday @ Papa’s and Grammy’s House

Hayden is our little miracle boy.  He was born at 27 weeks after my water broke at 25 weeks.  He was a 2 lbs 6.9 oz  and 13 1/2 inches long!  To read his birth story go here.

Mark’s hand over Hayden

This is a quick clip of one of Hayden’s first baths in the hospital.  The nurse is the one doing the talking in the video.


Hayden turning 2!

This is a very cute clip of Hayden trying to blow out his candles!


Hayden’s life started off a bit scary but he has been a total blessing!  He is such a hard worker and loves his family and friends so much.  He loves school, his chickens and helping others out.

Happy 9th Birthday!