Morning Sunshine…

The morning sun shining through the black clouds was beckoning me to come out and explore…

The sun shining through…

The geese flying through the rising sun was spectacular.

A good dog to go on your morning walk.
Gunnar, our Icelandic Sheepdog.

The hens taking a drink out of a puddle from last night’s rain.

The red crab apples dangling from a tree caught my attention, too.

Carly looked so shiny,bright and silky in morning sun.

The last of the Aspen leaves…

The llamas grazing along the hill-top.

A glowing rooster…

Beautiful Eisa glowing in the morning light.

A Blue Ameraucana hen…

A happy boy came to visit me as well!

What a refreshing way to start the day!

The Chicken Chick


One comment on “Morning Sunshine…

  1. Pat says:

    Wonderful photos! Such a beautiful glow falls over the landscape when the sun manages to shine through those dark clouds.

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