Chipmunks on the loose…

On our trip to South Dakota we stopped to stretch our legs and were greeted by this…

A fuzzy, little chipmunk!

And then…

Lots of little chipmunks decided to come out and visit!

So Tori decided to stick her hand out and see what they would do…

Hey, little chipmunk!

It was pretty apparent that these little guys had some human interaction before…

Garrett trying to coax a little fuzz ball.

There were sunflower seeds and nuts galore on the ground, so the kids picked a few up to see what the chipmunks would do.

Hayden, not too sure.

Wow, they’re fast.

They sure seemed to like Maddie.

They kinda tickle!

Garrett had a blast.

Crawling up his arm…

Teigen even tried…

This was such a fun stop.  The kids will probably always remember trying to feed the chipmunks, I know I will.

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3 comments on “Chipmunks on the loose…

  1. Molly says:

    wow they are indeed amazingly tame and bold.

  2. Pat says:

    Oh, my! Those are the cutest pictures!

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