The end of a season…

Autumn’s colors meet winter’s snow…

Snowy leaves.

Snowy aspen grove…

They have danced their last dance…


Nurture Photography - Autumn 2012 Photo Challenge

Snow morning

Wednesday greeted us with a blanket of white snow.  It seems the first snow of the season is always so special…

We had a beautiful sunrise.

Snow covered pastures.

Snow covered hay…

Snowy sheep.

A bit of brightness!

A snowy Iris.

Crabby apples.

Frosty fence posts.

Geese flying south…


Snow and kids!

We’ve had our first official measurable snowfall for this season.  We received about 4 inches Tuesday night and bit more on Wednesday.  It seems like fall was  splendid but it never stays around long enough.  The boys took full advantage of a snow covered hill and wore the snow right off it…

Part of the boys coming down the hill. Zayne is all grins!

Whoa, a bit of turning. Zayne’s still smiling though!

Big CRASH!! Not sure that he is still smiling!

Face-plant and kind of cold.

Teigen’s turn.


CRASH!! Yep that’s just his head, the rest of him is buried under the snow.

Hayden,doing a bit of standing on his sled.


And of course, Kletta has to chase them down the hill…

We celebrated the day and enjoyed hot cocoa, hot apple cider and had warm, home-made rolls with cream of potato soup for supper.  It doesn’t get much better than this!