Dande and Lion posing in the flowers…


It’s been a while since I’ve posted any current pictures of the baby ducks that we picked up in April.  Well, here they are all grown up and we’re even getting some eggs from them!



Maddie’s Cayuga duck, Cay showing off it’s brilliant green head.


The gang on the move!


Dande playing in the sprinkler.


Teigen’s duck, Flapper…


I love how the droplets of water run down Cay’s back.


Bleu and Lion


Swedie being ducky…



Kwacky, the Khaki Campbell…




Feels good…


Feels sooo good!


See ya later!














2 comments on “Quakers…

  1. Pat says:

    They’ve all grown into beautiful ducks, but I love the Cayuga with the gorgeous iridescent feathers.

  2. Thanks Pat! Cay’s feathers are very neat.

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