Glacier Park Blossoms…

The mountain wildflowers were at their peak when we visited Glacier Park a couple of weeks ago.  I do believe our Heavenly Father is the best gardener….

Indian Paintbrush

Glacier Lilies….

Lined with Glacier Lilies

Carpeted with Glacier Lillies…

Mountain Heather….

More Mountain Heather…

A deep shade beauty!

A green beauty!

Love Old Man Whiskers!!

Beautiful delicate yellow blooms…

Monkey Flower….

Pretty purple Aster…

Carpets of pink Monkey Flower….

A beautiful hanging basket that adorn all the lodges in Glacier Park and I am proud to say my father planted these!

3 comments on “Glacier Park Blossoms…

  1. Pat says:

    Beautiful group of wildflower shots. I love the carpet of glacier lilies!

  2. Thanks Pat, they were very beautiful!

  3. Delft says:

    Lol. Old man whiskers… that’s got to be a Beatle-flower!

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