Frank’s addiction…

Frank, our lovable Border Collie, whom is perhaps a bit OCD.  He spends everyday racing around the outsides of the pasture, just hoping to be put to work.  He could spend ALLLLL day long herding and circling and herding and circling sheep

and now his favorite thing to do is…

Frank keeping an eye on the ducks.

Crazy dog!

He has no interest in chasing them or eating them, just keeping them in a nice little bunch not too spread out.  He never gets too aggressive and seems to keep enough space between himself and his little herd to let them graze and do other duck things.

Checking out a lamb

Boy, oh boy is this fun!

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5 comments on “Frank’s addiction…

  1. Pat says:

    I love to watch border collies work sheep…or ducks. These are wonderful captures of Frank at work.

  2. Kelly says:

    What a wonderful dog! So eager to do his job 🙂 We do not have a leash law in our town and we have barn cats everywhere and I am afraid to let my chicks out for long for fear a neighborhood dog will get at them. Wish they were all like your dog 🙂

  3. laura says:

    Do you find your Icelandic sheep let Frank herd them? I have read that Icelandic sheep will sometimes not permit themselves to be herded, either by scattering, or charging the dog.

  4. Icelandics tend to be a bit more difficult to herd than typical sheep. I think if you had a couple of well trained dogs it would be doable. 🙂

  5. laura says:

    That’s what I thought. I don’t have a trained dog now, so we would both be novices, bad idea. My icelandics tend to be very assertive, sometimes aggressive with any dogs that think it would be fun to bark at the fence line.

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