Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to one who I love the most and feel so blessed that you are my own.

German Chocolate Cake

Tori made the wonderful cake, Maddie helped me make the frosting, the middle boys arranged the candles in an artful “37” and lit them (notice the meltage?!) and the lil’s helped blow out the candles.

Quite the crazy crew...

The cousins are over, so there is lots of wrestling going on (that’s why Hayden has his shirt off), Emmy was apparently someone’s paper, Zayne has his shirt on backwards, Maddie is being a bit dramatic, Teigen is being…well Teigen ūüôā ¬†Pretty normal; yep, pretty normal.

The cake

Once the melted wax was scraped off, the cake was delicious!!  It is a favorite here at our house.  Everything is made from scratch, even the caramel for the frosting!  Oh yum.

Happy Birthday my love!  LYFE.

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Hanging out with ewe…


We are about a week out from seeing our first lambs arrive. ¬†Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I am feeling. ¬†I think this season is one of my favorites, ranking up there with all major holidays. ¬†ūüėČ

Very large Audrad, pregnant with AI babies. Sire is Raftur from Iceland!

This fall we imported semen from Iceland to inseminate some of the ewes with.  I am not sure how successful we were but we definitely had a couple catch, which is very exciting!

Esja checking out the hen.

It was quite funny watching Esja interact with this hen. ¬†She would let the hen pick little pieces of hay off of her and wag her tail the whole time. ¬†ūüôā

Red heads!

Dugur made sure everyone was behaving themselves and would come and check things out every couple of minutes…

Dugur watching...

I love the pattern of the Silver Laced Wyandotte!  So dainty looking.

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Lukka is another ewe in the AI group.  We are hoping she caught with a Grabotni straw.

Lukka, is she carrying Grabotni babies?

Hen nesting in one of the ewe sheds...

Dyr, the ewe matriarch decided to stick her head in and see what I was up to.

Dyr, the matriarch.

Getting a drink.

Uma is another ewe that looks like she caught with AI.  Yeah!

Dyr (in front) and Uma.

Pretty Sybil was taking a bit of a rest…

Sybil, resting.

Druna is expecting her first lamb this spring.

A one winter ewe, Druna.

Esja, is another hopeful…in the AI category. ¬†She looks as if she could be carrying Bogi babies!

A bit of a belly on Esja.

The rain started up so these two took shelter and I took that as my cue to head back to the house!

Hiding out~ Drifa and Alita.

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