Harrowing away…

I am not sure who was happier to see the harrow going…my husband with a little tractor therapy…

Mark, working the pasture and moving the "solids" around.

or the chickens.  🙂

Chickens digging through...

Every time I looked up and seen my husband, he was grinning ear to ear.  Yup, good therapy.

Going round and round...

Everyone was happy and content.

Audna checking out what the chickens were up to.

With spring around the corner and the pasture coming back to life, it really needed the little piles of hay and dropping spread out.  The sheep are fairly good about getting the fertilizer spread out evenly but the llamas and horse have their own little areas that build up and eventually kill the grass.

Happy rooster...

Harrowing needs to be done fairly routinely here and after 5  months of freezing weather it really needed to be done this spring.


Happy harrowers. 🙂

A lovely end to the day.

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