Eking closer…

Our weather here has been very spring-like indeed, giving us all spring-fever.  With lambing season starting with in three weeks we moved the ewes to the pen where they will be lambing this year.  It is the first year that we won’t be using the barn and doing pasture-lambing.  Mark was able to move the sheds to their pasture while I filled them up with fresh straw.  The sheds are situated so I can see them from the kitchen and bedroom windows.  It is only a hop skip and a jump away from the house making night-time checks much more bearable.  And best of all?  We have power out there!!  Woohoo!!  Up at the barn we never did have the power turned on so any night-time lambings were done by the light of a headlamp.  :0)

Violet peeking over Basil.

Grizzle looking large and she hasn't even started to bag up.

Dugur trying out the straw in one of the sheds.

Fiona is looking quite large too and she isn't due until the end of April.

The ewes all lined up at the feeders.

A couple of the ladies.

In the past couple of weeks we have picked up a couple of new bred ewes to add to the flock…

Solveg, a black badgerface mouflon.


Nist, a spotted moorit mouflon.

I am excited to see the lambs that they produce!

Dante (in the front), one of last year's ram lambs growing nicely.

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