It was a balmy 43 degrees today, complete with sun which turn the pasture into…

a watery, icy, slick mess.    😦    Ugh!

Wading through the pasture…

Did I mention we received 2/10ths of an inch or rain too?

There’s not normally a pond in the middle of our pasture.

Coconut crossing through the icy, watery mess…
Tip-toeing along the edges…
Trying to cross…
The matriarch and her reflection….
The rams pen, not as bad as the ewes.
The heifers…

On a side note, I think we successfully AI’ed Butterscotch (the red Dexter) about 45 days ago!  We should be expecting a calf sometime in early September!!

The sheep remind me of the kids, they have a nice dry hillside to stay on but are out exploring the puddles!  Hopefully the weather cools down a bit or seriously warms up to dry up this mess.

It is still January…right?

This is a part of  Homestead Barn Hop

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