Straw Break

Similar to a coffee break?  Silly girls decided it might be fun to snack on the straw bale…

Dalla and Delilah's innocent faces?

Don’t let the sweet innocent faces fool you!

Digging in!

Yep, that’s more like it.


Eyja, her head completely buried in it…


“Don’t mind me.” says Louise.

Drizzle and Drifa pigging out.

Now if I actually fed this too them, they would roll their eyes at me and snootily walk away.

Three greys helping themselves.

Grizzle,  Violet and Calypso ~ three black grey Icelandic ewes pigging out on the straw.

Just a bit of straw on your face Ms. Calamity.

Delilah and Dalla

Definitely not innocent!


It was a balmy 43 degrees today, complete with sun which turn the pasture into…

a watery, icy, slick mess.    😦    Ugh!

Wading through the pasture…

Did I mention we received 2/10ths of an inch or rain too?

There’s not normally a pond in the middle of our pasture.

Coconut crossing through the icy, watery mess…
Tip-toeing along the edges…
Trying to cross…
The matriarch and her reflection….
The rams pen, not as bad as the ewes.
The heifers…

On a side note, I think we successfully AI’ed Butterscotch (the red Dexter) about 45 days ago!  We should be expecting a calf sometime in early September!!

The sheep remind me of the kids, they have a nice dry hillside to stay on but are out exploring the puddles!  Hopefully the weather cools down a bit or seriously warms up to dry up this mess.

It is still January…right?

This is a part of  Homestead Barn Hop