Zayne’s new do….

Zayne’s sporty new hairdo….

Isn’t it just dashing?  Poor guy ran into a door at church last night before the hymn sing.  Mark and I were out talking and one of the children informed me that Zayne had hit his head pretty hard and was hiding under a pew.   Zayne getting rolled around didn’t concern me too much, being the youngest of 5 boys~it seems some one always has a war wound.  When I coaxed him out from under the pew the side of his head all red and was sporting a nice sized cut.  I took him out to have Mark look at it.  It was decided between Mark and the many onlookers that he definitely needed a stitch or two…

We were very blessed to have the best care in Kalispell and were able to have him stitched up in no-time and even made it back for the end of the hymn sing.

8 little stitches…

Zayne is a  tough little boy and only fussed when his cut was numbed up before the stitching.

Before long he was back to his mischievous ways!

Thanks for your prayers, he kind of had a rough night trying to get  and stay comfy.

We would like to extend an invitation to our friends and family whom might be in town to the Christmas Eve service at Grace Church at 5 pm and Christmas morning service at 10:30 am.   Wonderful fellowship and some of the kids and their very talented friends will be singing…

A preview :0)

Sorry you have to click to an external web page to listen.


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