Hunting Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend hunting, gathering wood and enjoying some time off!  The kids generally go over to my folks’s place and stay with them while we are hunting but  Teigen decided he wanted to stay home and go hunting with us.  The next morning we got a late start to the ranch due to Teigen having the stomach flu, so we spent the morning sorting sheep into breeding groups.  Around noon Teigen asked if we could still go hunting.  He was too cute and pathetic, but had kept food down all day so Mark figured why not?

Later in the day Sawyer and I spotted a little forky buck and Teigen was so excited and kept telling Sawyer to get it.  Sawyer kind of looked at me and then decided he would just do it.  He remembers my brother taking him hunting when he was about Teigen’s age  and helping my brother shoot a little spike and how excited he was to be hunting.  Sawyer took his time and made an excellent shot and dropped the little buck.  Had Teigen not been there he would have passed on the little buck but he decided that letting his little brother in on the experience of hunting would be more fun than shooting a bigger buck.  I am so proud of Sawyer!  Teigen even helped hold the legs while Sawyer and Mark gutted the deer~getting the full experience!

Sawyer and Teigen with the little buck.

The next morning we awoke early and headed back up.  About half way there the snow started coming down…

Snowy roads...

Emma waiting for Daddy and Sawyer...

Emma enjoying a fudge stripe cookie!

Sawyer trying to get the fire going.

We multitask while hunting and also get a load of wood and have lunch around a warm fire…

Papa dragging up some logs to saw up.

Emma enjoying the snow

Somehow we managed to misplace one of Em’s gloves so she wore a smart wool sock for a glove.

Happy girl.


Yum! Snow.


Teigen playing in the snow.

Warming up his feet.

Getting a quick nap.

Eagle sitting in a tree...

Jason was successful too!

The guys~Sawyer, Mark and Jason


Wonderful weekend!


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