Dog Days…

Lambs and Dugur

Several weeks ago we turned rams and ewes that were not bred out to pasture across the road.  Then this last Sunday  it was the mommas turns to be out on to pasture.  We turned them out on a pasture that is close to house so we keep close tabs on them.  This pasture is needing to be restored and soon we will be drilling in some sainfoin with orchard grass.  So our first order of business was to turn the ewes out and let them have at it.  The ewes and lambs are so happy and it is just so neat to see them out on grass!    But the sheep weren’t the only ones happy to be out…

Friendly face
Enjoying the day…
Dugur and Vakka

Vakka is growing too!  She keeps busy watching over the rams.  Until she decides to not treat the sheep like other puppies she’ll be watching the boys who keep her line.  I forgot how much work puppies are!


Soon we will be turning them out on a different segment of pasture and hopefully (if it ever stops raining!) getting the tractor going and seeding that sainfoin so it can be used this fall.

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