Meeting Emma…

It is so hard to believe that a whole year has already passed us by and Emma is now a year old.  It is just amazing how quickly it passes!  Most of these pictures I have not shared before, it is with mixed emotions that I share them now.  The first couple of weeks after Emma’s birth is such a blur due to the complications that arose right after her birth, leaving me in surgery for eight hours and weeks to recover.

Looking back to this time we are most thankful for:

  • The prayers of our friends and family through months of bed rest through today.   🙂
  • Wonder children (and husband) who were just so helpful and thoughtful.
  • Pastor Chris and Peggy Sue visiting us right before surgery to pray with us.
  • The prayers and peace that I felt during surgery.
  • Wonderful doctors and nurses.
  • A healthy and beautiful baby GIRL!
  • The Rickel Family for visiting us and praying with us at the hospital.
  • Our parents and family.
  • Our wonderful church family that pampered us for many weeks after coming home from the hospital.
  • God’s sovereignty over it all.
Emma was (and still is) a pretty easy going baby.  She was rarely fussy and one of my easiest babies, it was God giving me what I really needed at that time.  We all have enjoyed her so much this past year, she makes the crankiest of us smile and laugh!

Before surgery.

She's here!

Meeting...on the outside.

Talking to dad.

The littles...

With Hayden.

Meeting Sawyer...

Victoria and Emma...

Madeline and Emmalynn...

Garrett and Em...

Teigen and Emma...

Zayne meeting Emma...

With Daddy and Zayne...

With Auntie Abigail...

With Uncle Jason...

With Papa Ed...

Happy FIRST  Birthday Little Girl!

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