Busy Days…

Turning some of sheep out onto pasture...

It seems as if we have been busy spinning about doing all things springy…preparing the garden, burning slash, stirring up the compost, harrowing pastures, fixing fence, picking out paint, 4-H camp clean-up, starting veggies and growing some new Araucana chicks…hoping that spring will actually shine down upon us!

We’ve also been trying to get over a terrible cold that has slowly been picking it’s way through our household.  It has left all 5 of the little kids with bad ear infections…Tiegen is on his second ear infection(same cold)  that we’re afraid may have done some hearing damage along  with a touch of  bronchitis .  The bigs have all managed well with the exception of me with full blown bronchitis…ugh!  

We still have about 13 ewes expecting so we are patiently awaiting!

Bellah's beautiful blues...

Adorable Drizzle...

Busy Downy Woodpecker...

Dáð, enjoying a shady spot.

Diamond on her comfy spot...

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