Earlier this year we were able to sneak away to try to find some huckleberries.  We had no idea if they would even be ready or if they were done for the season when went, we figured that even if we couldn’t find any we at least would be spending the day together and enjoy a nice picnic lunch.   When we first got there it looked as if we were too late as all the bushes had been stripped.  We continued to hike around a bit and found…

Huckleberry bushes with huckleberries!








Teigen with purple lips.


The girls busy picking.


Full Bottle


All the kids


All done with purple hands.


When it was all said and done we had a wonderful day and about 3 gallons of huckleberries.

One comment on “Hucks…

  1. Dale and Bonnie says:

    Hi Erin and family,
    Guess we dont have your email address in our laptop, so will use this method to say thanks for the nice gift of cookies, bars, and fudge and carmel sauce, recieved the other night when Tori came for her ck.
    We commented that evening how Zayne was snuggled into Daddas’ arms and just happy to stay right there… and so enjoyed seeing the pics of him having tractor time with Dadda, too!
    Also, clear back this summer when you emailed the pics from the lake at the family reunion… wanted to say how neat it was to get them! You definitely have a talent with photography! Emmalyn is sure growing and looks so huggable!
    We are in Wisconsin right now, and Dale is running the hay chopper for Dan. He has his mask on and in a good cab, so is having fun!
    See you all one of these days! Dale and Bonnie

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