~With Love~

We send our love, deepest sympathy and much prayer to everyone who was touched by this wonderful man.

Uncle Bud

Your witty sense of humor, warm smile and gentle laugh will be greatly missed.

So will your warm hugs and wonderful stories.


You touched our family and will be ~greatly missed.~


14 weeks!

These pictures were actually taken at 12 weeks while huckleberry picking. ;0)  Ohhh how time flies!


She also had her second well-child check that week and weighed in at 12 lbs. 13 oz.  She jumped from the 20 percentile to the 60 percentile for her age!

  She also grew 4 inches~up to 23.5 inches~ going from the 30 to the 68 percentile for her age!

She is such a sweetie!  She still is mostly sleeping through the night and keeps us all smiling with her sweet smiles and cooing.

~Sunday Serenity~


Pro 8:19 ESV – My fruit is better than gold, even fine gold, and my yield than choice silver.
Pro 8:20 ESV – I walk in the way of righteousness, in the paths of justice,
Pro 8:21 ESV – granting an inheritance to those who love me, and filling their treasuries.

New Sheep!


Sullivan, Nyah, Fiona, Grizwold

On our trip to Idaho we also visited Promised Land Family Farm and picked up 4 new sheep.  We are very excited to be adding these genetics to our flock and  can’t wait for lambing season next year!  Sullivan and Grizwold are both black grey mouflons with incredibly wide horns, great dispositions, wonderful conformations and beautiful fleeces.  Fiona carries the thoka gene~meaning triplets and quadruplets are a very good possibility.  Nyah is one of Fiona’s triplet from ’09.

The three munchin'.


The big boys...

Being Frank…

Hi! I'm Frank.

This weekend we had a whirlwind trip to Idaho to pick up a couple new rams and ewes from Promised Land Farm and we picked up Frank from Mary Ann at Inland Northwest Rescue .   Frank is a smooth coated Border Collie  with a docked tail that is about a year old.

About 6 years ago we got Bellah from this exact place.  Bellah was such a perfect match for us that after our chocolate lab died last year we knew we would try to adopt another pup from INR.

Mary Ann is such a blessing to these dogs.  She takes in Australian Shepherds and Border Collies that would otherwise be put in animal shelters.  She invests a great deal of her time and heart into cleaning them up, nursing them back to health, getting to know them and then tries to find them their perfect forever home.  Then with tears in her eyes she says good-bye to them as they go off to their new homes.  She calls it a labor of love.

Meeting the sheep!

Frank has been such a gentleman and eager to please!  He has been patient with the kids and tolerates the noise and business of the household.  Him and Bell even seem to be getting along pretty well, having a playful tussle here and there. 

If you’re thinking of a new dog for your family can I encourage you to look at a rescue near you to give a dog another chance?

Thanks Mary Ann!