Day at the Lake…

Finally we have hot weather in NW Montana, so we decided to head to the lake for a  picnic and a cool dip.
I made these yummy pizza rolls to take with, a nice break from sandwiches! 

Zayne and his bucket.

Em helping me watch kids.

The girls holding hands...

Some of the boys playing...

Biggest brother helping littlest brother...


Me and Emmy.

I have to admit  I was a bit stressed about being alone with the crew around water but Sawyer, Tori, and Maddie all took turns helping me watch the little ones.  We ended up having a wonderful time and got to cool off a bit.   

Poor Tori though she ended up having a hitch-hiker attack to her leg.  I’m pretty sure the people cleeeaaar across the lake could hear her scream!  Luckily it was just a little one …  

Tori's little "friend" Leechy!

 Other than that small drama we all survived and even stopped in for fudge-cicles on the way home.

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