Graveyard Shift…



Dugur just starting work for the night….


…watching over his flock under a painted sky.

3 comments on “Graveyard Shift…

  1. alison says:

    Nice Sky!

    lovin’ all the pictures!

    Happy 4th to you all,
    Alison and family

  2. Ruthie says:

    Oh my! I haven’t checked in on Dugur for a while and just did on your blog. My big “sigh/gasp/oh my” statement made Riley our Border Collie jump up from under the computer table and look for what was amiss! He is gorgeous and looks quite at home. He looks very much like his brother Scotty that I have.
    I feel like a proud mama reading your story about how he herded the sheep into the corner to protect them from the marauding dogs. Freya does the same thing when the coyotes are encircling us. We think they are trying to draw Freya off so they can attack from the flank but she just moves the sheep into a corner and stands/sits guard. We still have not experienced any livestock losses from predators ever since we got Freya as a puppy. How has Dugur done?

  3. Hi Ruthie! We have just been thrilled with Dugur!! We have had no predator loss scince getting him and couldn’t be happier. He does so well with both the sheep and the kids. Thanks again and I hope all is going well for you!

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