Baby News…

No baby yet, she is still snug as a bug resting cozily on the inside.  So unless something happens in the next two days she will make her grand appearance on Friday the 21st around lunch! 

This morning's sunrise through the trees.

We truly appreciate all your prayers for a safe surgery and delivery. 

This afternoon's spring storm passing through...

We will update as soon as we are able!


A Meadowlark from this morning...

One comment on “Baby News…

  1. Jean Pocha says:

    Hi, Just looking around online at Icelandic sheep. Possibly we are looking for an Icelandic ram to breed a few ewes too. We have Icelandic and Shetland sheep, plus a BFL ram to produce grass fed fall lambs.
    Congratulations on your new baby, she is beautiful, along with the rest of your family !!! It would be great to hear if you are selling any of your rams/ram lambs. The multi-colored one is especially eye-catching.
    Thanks, Jean in Helmville

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