Sticky Situation…

Honey Bee on an apple blossom

       It  always amazes me how this  ↑ 




          turns into this.  ↑


 Not long after Mark brought in a few pieces of honey filled comb did he separate the two.  

Mashing up the honey filled comb...

First he used a potato masher and thoroughly mashed the two together.  You can see the waxy comb stuck to the masher and floating in the bowl.  

Zayne helping... never mind the honey comb stuck to his face!


Next he divided the honey and comb into two quart jars, one wide mouth and the other a regular (narrow) mouthed jar.  

Then he placed some new clean screen material over the jars and screwed  on a canning ring to hold it all together. 

Two wide mouth jars taped together...

Then he inverted the ‘mashed’ filled jars over another wide mouth jar and taped them together with Gorilla Tape. 

We decided we liked the normal jar inverted over a wide mouth jar better as it let us maneuver the ‘mash’ filled jar around a bit to different angles which helped the honey release a bit easier. 

(See the picture below ↓) 

Already dripping honey...

Zayne helping with clean-up...


I think he likes it!

 I’ll show the finished product soon!


2 comments on “Sticky Situation…

  1. Tammia says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the process! I can’t wait to show them to Kenna. We’ve been watching fuzzy honey bees lately…and marveling at the fact that they make honey. Your pictures will make it all make better sense! : )
    (ps. We just got out train tickets to come to Kenny’s wedding! Hope to see you guys, too…)

  2. Alison says:

    Interesting! Looks so sweet!

    How are you doing Erin?

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