In our menagerie of farm animals we have 3 turkeys, two toms and a lonely hen.  The two toms are constantly trying to out do the other.  They puff all up and turn blue in face waiting for the other to pass out, then they will do a charming little dance to impress the poor little hen.  Their even kind of entertaining. 

On Saturday Mark and I had some errands to run up town, when we headed out to the pick up this is what we saw up at the barn… 

A whole herd of turkeys...

 The wild turkeys decided to mingle with our little flock.  They would try to get into the area with the sheep and Dugur would puff all up himself and chase them out.  He did not like them in there at all!  Later that evening when Sawyer went to feed we found out why.  They ended up killing one of the toms…so now we are down to an even pair.   :0(    The little boys were all sad that one of their turkeys died but understand that this is how life on a farm can be.  Life Lessons.

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