Goings On…

Where does time go?  Seriously?  Anyway we have kept busy with lots of 4-H stuff this last month-which will be a post unto itself…  4-H food fairs, shooting sports, meetings and practice…all leaving me seriously tired! lol

I have also spent some time in and out of the hospital.  The first time with my very first ever migraine which they figure was induced because of my hormonal, pregnant state and has left me with a greater appreciation for when Mark has one of his many migraines.   The second time I was able to spend the evening in Labor and Delivery due to cramping/contracting issues last week.  I am now 50 % effaced with a soft to moderate cervix, but no dilation-yay!  (Thanks Peggy Sue for keeping me company until Mark was able to get there and thanks for everyone’s prayers, they’re greatly appreciated!)  So now I am supposed to be prisoner to the couch and  take it easy…eat bon-bons all day I guess.  Mark has had to be gone a bit too-all adding to the fun!  But other than that things are going well here.

The other day the boys found a monstrously-huge egg and teeny-tiny one…

Garrett with the eggs...

The huge egg is easily the biggest egg we have ever had and the tiny one wasn’t even the size of a ping-pong ball.  Both Hayden and Garrett had to eat them for breakfast, so we cracked them open and the boys were a bit disappointed to have the huge one only be a single yolker but thought the tiny one was too funny as the yolk wasn’t even as big as my pinky!

Hope all is well where you are.


3 comments on “Goings On…

  1. Tammia says:

    Nice to read some news! Hope everything continues to go ok for you…rest & rest & rest some more (easy for me to say)! We’ll be praying for you, too.
    Yes…migraines are awful. Hope you don’t get any more!

  2. Peggy Sue says:

    You’re welcome!

  3. I was wondering how things went. If you ever are alone at the hospital and no one to sit with you, you could call me too!! = )
    So, how long do you think you will on bedrest? Another friend of mine just had her baby yesterday at 29 weeks….she was doing really well though and is still here in the valley. Anyhow, if you need a meal or something, let me know.

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