Bouncing ….

Last night's winter sunset

Hopefully back!  Finally at 17 weeks pregnant I think I am finally turning the corner to feeling better.  The pit that was in the bottom of my stomach has finally left and I no longer feel like I need to sleep every waking hour of the day!  I have always just bounced back at about 13 weeks so for me the extra month being sick was somewhat discouraging and I was afraid I might feel this way for the entire pregnancy.  For the last few weeks I have also been able to feel little flutters and kicks of this new person inside of me, which is always so exciting and makes everything so much more bearable.  Next week I start my weekly progesterone shots to help ward off PROM (premature rupture of membranes) and I will be about my half way point since I seem to deliver a bit early each time.  I can’t believe how fast it all seems to be going by, but October and November were pretty much a fog to me so maybe that’s why it seem so fleeting?  I can hardly believe that Christmas is only 2 weeks away!  

 This week has been spent shoveling out of “two months of mom not feeling good” and getting back into a normal schedule (whatever that is or was) and a getting a good deep clean on the house.  We were even blessed by a sweet lady from church dropping by and delivering a wonderful beef stew with rolls and cookies.  The best part was that she surprised me with a beautiful shawl that she had croshayed from our sheep’s yarn!  It is really gorgeous and I feel very spoiled!  I will get a picture of it up sometime soon.  

Sawyer picked up his fair steer for this coming year-he’s a bit wild and they had quite the time getting him to the scale for weigh in Saturday.  But everyone lived and he is settling in quite nice now. 


That’s about all that has been happening around here, other than trying to stay warm!  Hope your week is going well!


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