We’re Still Here…

Sort of…  We all survived H1N1 with only Mark and Tori getting sick and Maddie only having a bit of a cough and fever while the rest of us took our Tamiflu and never suffered.  I am still feeling very yucky and am hoping the next couple of weeks pass by rather quickly.  I generally start to feel better around the 13 week mark and get back to my usually self.  Right now I feel as if I can’t get enough sleep and am very nauseated…but life does not slow down with a household of seven monkeys.  It is very helpful though  to have young adults in the house this time around as they help out tremendously. 

Last Saturday we were able to get up to the ranch and do a bit of hunting and bring home a load of firewood.  We only seen a handful of does, which is really unusual for up there.  I guess on Friday though two wolves were spotted passing through, so we kept our eyes open for them too since both Sawyer and Mark have wolf tags.  I spent most the day in the pickup napping! ;0)  The day was a mix of rain and sun and even a mixture of the two.  The larch right now are absolutely beautiful, I wish I would have taken some more pictures but somehow even that right now doesn’t even sound like fun. I did take this one though…


On Monday I met with one of my new OB’s and listened to baby’s heartbeat…a nice 170 bpm (maybe this one will be a girl).  We also discussed the possibility of a VBA3C, which she sounded open to.  She is going to get my other records and we will discuss it more in detail at my next appointment.  At 16 weeks I will start my weekly round of progesterone shots to help stop PROM which I had with Hayden, this practice will let me bring the progesterone home where Mark or my mom can give me the shots!  That ought to be exciting!  Everything else seemed to look good. 

Now we are just trying to make it through the week.  Hope yours is good.


One comment on “We’re Still Here…

  1. Alison says:

    Good to hear form you all again.

    Hope you start feeling better soon Erin and glad no more got sick.

    Good luck in plunking a couple wolves!!!

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