Get Ready, Get Set…

We woke up to sheep baaing this morning and looked out the window to see a small group of renegade sheep looking for greener grass.  They needed to be moved last night but we had a steady stream of rain pouring down on us, so it was held off until this morning.  It still looked to be about ready to rain at any minute  but has held off for the most part.  A quick peek at the rain gauge indicates we received an additional 1/2 ” of rain and everything looks so green.  It feels and looks so different from previous summers with their sweltering heat and brown grasses that would be out by now. 

The kids are putting  finishing touches on their fleeces this morning and will be ready to go this afternoon.  Their starting to get a bit butterfly-ish in the stomach now!  But they are eagerly awaiting competition and anxiously waiting to get caught  up with old friends during the lulls.  Sawyer and a couple of his friends are getting excited for the pig wrestling!  They were able to do this last year and had a ball and I must say it was too funny to watch!  It ought to be too much fun.


The view at the top of the hill




The mountains


Kolfinna, Breve, Ragna

Kolfinna, Breve, Ragna








Eagles dancing...

Eagles dancing...


Hope you all have a good weekend!


Precipitation- 1/2 inch

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