Did you stay up late to watch it?  What you might ask?  Every year at this time if your fortunate enough to have a clear sky you can see the Perseid Meteor Shower.  On it’s peak night you can see over 60 meteors per hour!  If you missed last night you can still see plenty of shooting stars at night for the remainder of the week. 

The kids have been sleeping outside the last couple of nights and have seen a bunch of falling stars.  Last night they were so excited!  Our bedroom window was open and you could here them talk and laugh way into night.  The meteor shower was suppose to be at it’s most brilliant after midnight, which is when it clouded up here. :0(  They did see quite a few that lit up the whole sky before then though. 

At 1 am last night I was awakened by a big boom of thunder and immediate down pouring of rain followed by Sawyer yelling at the kids to get up and hussle inside.  I met them downstairs all bleary eyed and tired as they spread out on the living room floor to go back to sleep.  So much for camping outside!  After making sure everyone was snuggled in I went back to bed where I should have just crashed but stayed awake for what seemed forever listening to the rain caming down before falling back asleep.  Don’t you hate  when you feel soooo tired but can’t fall asleep? 

This morning I have heard several renditions of the thunder boom and rain storm story! lol  Good memories!  Speaking of good memories I remember one year when we were living in Lewistown (back when we were much younger and only had 3 kids) we woke up the kids at about 2 am and drove out of town to a hillside and watched the meteor shower all night and talked and then came back home at about 6 am and went back to sleep!  Sweet memories!

Anyway this morning it is still spitting rain and feeling a bit fallish out there.  Where is summer going?  August is half over! I’m hoping for a long Indian Summer this fall.  Fall is probably my most favorite season.  Not quite wishing it was here yet though.

Mountains socked in...

Mountains socked in this morning...

Micah waiting for her bottle this morning...

Micah waiting for her bottle this morning...

Cloudy, raining...


Precipitation:  4/10ths

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