Do you smell what I smell?

I hope not, it’s good thing they haven’t invented a device that lets you smell through your computers yet!  But I suppose it is that time of year again.  Last night Maddie and her daddy got to go pick out fair pigs…
Here is the pair of barrows...

Here is the pair of barrows...

They each weigh around 60 lbs and will grow to the market of weight of between 220-280lbs, all in 4 months time!  Maddie will show the better of the two hogs and sell it at the market sale at the fair.  The other will…well let’s just say he’ll take up residence in our freezer.
What do the other animals think….
What are these things?

What *are* these things?

Aside from their awesome meat, pigs are great little tillers of the land. They push up the dirt in search of little tidbits and gems to eat, leaving behind a well plowed path.  Our plan is to let them into the lambing jugs after the sheep are done lambing and let them clean that up and then let them clean all the bedding out of the barn that has accumulated through out the winter.  When they are finished in there we will then composting the rest for our garden.
What is that smell?

What *is* that smell?

They really aren’t that bad…right now…the poor neighbors, hopefully the breeze will blow away from their house!
They're even sorta cute...right now anyway.

They're even sorta cute...right now anyway.


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