Duck, Duck, Goose…

Duck, duck, goose, and duck!  When we went to the farm store to buy Mark a birthday present we came back with a couple extra critters.  It’s always a bad idea to take kids into the farm store when spring is here.  Naughty kids!  😉

5 Indian Runner Ducklings...

5 Indian Runner Ducklings...


1 Toulouse Goosling...

1 Toulouse Gosling...

And Another!

And Another!

Aren't they so cute!

Aren't they so cute!

Aren't they even cuter?

Isn't this pair even cuter?

We bought ducks last year and they imprinted on Garrett and followed him all over the place, it was too funny watching Garrett flap his arms and quack and see the ducklings line up behind him and waddle right along.   And then we slowly lost them one by one to a fox.  So we thought this year we might have better luck with them now that we have a big snugly, lick ya to death    err um ferocious dog that will protect them!  The runner ducks are pretty funny to watch, they as their name implies, run instead of waddle and stand  more upright then other ducks.  And the Toulouse Geese are suppose to be pretty friendly and are great watch dogs too.   They have a reputation for honking loudly at intruders thus putting everything else on watch too.  Right now they are just too cute and very messy!

One comment on “Duck, Duck, Goose…

  1. Alison says:

    How soft and cute they look! I guess I better take my kids to the farm store-or not! 😉 Looks like 2 days till lambing-enjoy!

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