Cow kisses…

Well Royal isn’t quite a cow, but I didn’t think steer kisses sounded as good!   Anyway Royal is Sawyer’s fair steer and is a very friendly critter, always looking for scratches and treats.  He ought to prove to be quite an experience for Sawyer.  Since entering 4-H Sawyer has only taken hogs to the fair and this year he thought he could handle the extra challenge and extra cost of a steer.  He’s quickly finding out that his steer will require a lot more one-on-one than his pig and that he has to be able to move fast, cause when a steer steps on your foot it leaves a much larger bruise!  Royal ought to be bomb proof (hopefully)by fair with all the activity going on up at the barn, right now Dugur sleeps just outside his stall in the barn, the kids are constantly running back and forth to check for lambs and can tend to be noisey and the goats, sheep and roosters just add to the chorus of noise up there.   Our gate at the moment is part of a livestock panel (it’s the only thing tall enough to keep the goats out) that is floppy and sproingy and Royal isn’t bothered by any of it.  So hopefully no run-away steers at the fair!  Do you remember the old Fischer Price barns that when the door opened it mooed?  He sounds JUST like that, it’s too funny.  Anyway here’s a picture Sawyer took the other day of Royal…


Any one want a smooch?

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