Spring’s First Day…

It has truly been a beautiful spring day!  This morning as I went to go feed the sheep a wonderful song spread over the pasture to announce spring in full force.  It caused me to stop and listen for a minute and caused a great smile to spread across my face as the meadowlark sung his cheerful song!  You can listen to it here.  It reached a balmy 52 degrees here and we all have been enjoying it.

I believe I have made it through the stomach flu outbreak! Yeah!! Poor Teigen though, he is still sick…he has been ill now for over a week with vomiting and terrible diarrhea.  So yesterday I decided to take him into Urgent Care.  After their assessment they decided to do some blood work and since they were all ready poking him they started an I.V. as they thought he looked a little dehydrated.  8-(  He was so brave and didn’t hardly even move or complain, which if you know Teigen is a miracle in it’s self!  It was harder for him to hold still the hour it took to get the fluids in him.  He was so proud to come home and tell Daddy about the poke he got and the hose that went into his arm that filled him up with water!   They also checked his urine to rule out any infection there and sent me home with a poo collecting kit to um…collect poo. Oooh ugh!  They want to check for rotovirus since Bozemen had an outbreak a little while ago.  Yuck!  Anyway, he has not thrown up now for over 36 hours and is napping pretty good right now(which is unusual for him) so hopefully he will soon be feeling better.

Teigen's wild hair do!

Teigen's wild hair do!

Egg Count:

Egg Count:

5 eggs

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