Topping it off…

This weekend definitely tops off last weekends fun filled get away!  You see Sawyer was so considerate and brought home a lovely little friend from our trip that I wish he would not have. He awoke at 2 am Sunday night vomiting… and now it is slowly spreading. We were hoping it was an isolated incidence as no else had gotten sick until Thursday when Teigen was not acting his normal rambunctious self; and actually took a nap  at 11:00! Then he woke up, ate and emptied his stomach. Last night Hayden ended up getting sick before supper and then in the middle of the night Garrett succumbed to the nasty virus. 

There is nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night to some one throwing up!  It definitely makes your heart stop and sits you straight up in bed.  Then after everything has settled you lay there wondering things like… am I going to get sick? …I hope I don’t get sick!  …I think I feel sick!  …and then the thought of everything you ate for the last 18 hours  enters your mind…yuck!  Anyway it doesn’t seem to be a long lasting virus, only about 24 hours and everyone seems to be a little perkier after the initial 12 hours.  So the rest of us poor saps just get to sit and wait…  Have I mentioned yet that we have a few sheep looking like they might lamb fairly soon too?  Sawyer said we couldn’t get sick or they would for sure start!   So we’ll see.

Here’s a quick picture of some of  last years Icelandic ewe lambs soaking up some sun… 

Icelandic Ewe Lambs hanging out...

Icelandic Ewe Lambs hanging out...

Egg Count:

Egg Count:


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